Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gods top ten blessings to me!

(Reading through this post years latter reminds me of how many times I would have been better off reminding myself of these things. Especially from the post for moral support that came after this!)

1. He woke me from the dead and gave me peace and a sense of purpose.
2. He blessed me with the privilege of life
3. He gave me a loving family.
4. He gave me a creative mind.
5. He gave me friends.
6. He gave me a loving heart (probably should be number 3 or 4 on list.)
7. He gave me a house
8. He gave me family.
9. He gave me people to help.
10. he teaches me patiently
I would like to thank God for all he has done for a screw up like me. He is the best and loves us all.