Friday, May 1, 2015

Reading So Far This Year

Books I have finished this year: 
1. The Slight Edge
2. Master Your Time in 10 minutes a day
3. The Virtue of Selfishness
4. The Drug of The New Millennium
5. Government Bullies
6. Finished and Restarted bible again

Books I have read significant portions of/ am currently reading this year:
1.Think and Grow Rich
2. The Screenwriters bible
3. Remembering the Kanji
4. Capitalism The Unknown Idea
5. The communist manifesto

Books I own and hope to read this year but haven't:
1.  No More Excuses
2 .Japanese Cooking Made simple
3. The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla
4. The Politics of Dialogic Imagination (power and popular culture in early modern japan)
5. Atlas Shrugged
6. Dining with The Doctor

Also I now have a digital copy of the constitution and the bill of rights :D