Wednesday, June 24, 2015

No More Excuses Accountability Check 1

Q. Your day now has 36 hours and you have an unlimited budget. If time where not an issue, if resources where not an issue, if physical space where not an issue, what would you do in addition to what you're doing now?

A. I would build a website, A series of linux workstations, buy some professional video and audio equipment and work on the sets and writing for 4 arc and my anime reviews. I would also study more networking and programming and build 2 company teams, the av team for working on productions and a software team for developing the distribution platform and improving workflow tools. I would also dedicate a small amount of time to working out a rue-brick for future education and training reforms for planned self funded fully private school system.

Q. What new priorities would you take on?

A. I would take on video production and writing as priorities followed by linux and programming studies. In addition, I would make exercise part of a regular routine as well as working on education reform outline/ research before bed.

Q. What would you have to change to make this happen?

A. I would need a larger and cleaner work-space and a reliable schedule. This would require both an easy to use tool that fits my usage mindset and possible accountability partner. I also need a higher paying more enjoyable job with a better work schedule and this itself requires I get my resume back in shape and look for jobs.

Q. What would you eliminate

A. Over consumption of media and idle research.

Q. We are all accountable to someone! To whom will you be accountable (besides yourself) for evaluating new opportunities to manage your space in the future?

A. I honestly don't know, I am aiming at possibly having Eliana's help, which is up in the air and would like to have my parents and Josiah on board if possible. Not sure how realistic the parents are but will need to check.

Q. What new initiatives could you pursue tomorrow to support your strategic intent that you didn't do today?

A. Find a scheduling and time tracking tool that works for me and work on a schedule, do regular lessons on linux academy and plan work/ production schedule better, keep budget and finances up to date, research jobs and get out a bit more for exercise and recharging socially.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Against the worthless void

Listen and listen close! Can you hear the echos of hatred crying all around you. I listen for it and hear nothing, because the death and hatred cannot speak.  It is only love and life that speak and I hear nothing. Hatred is nothing, it is the worthless silence in between, that which does not speak up in the face of great evil. If your alive, if your hearts still beat within your chest, speak out and let those who are suffering know they are loved. Fill the void and push back against the empty darkness. Hug those who need it and speak life and truth to all who are listening. I will not stand the silence even for a moment, even if it is only my voice filling it. So let us pray for the victims of all the horror that surrounds us.