Thursday, March 26, 2015

I Don't Need You, I Want, I Can and Will Go Without

I don't need anyone to believe in me, I don't need people to share the same lofty expectations I have for myself, however it would help a lot. I know I can do so much more so much faster, all I am missing is the sense pressure, the feeling that someone needs me to do so.

So if anyone wants to dare and hope in the same things I do, to hold me accountable to reach my goals I promise I will do all I can to not let you down. That said, I already understand why no one will. Though I want someone to help, I will make myself do it and I will find a way. It may just take a little longer. I will not let others be my excuse.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Worlds End Economica Visual novel Review

I went into this novel really not sure what to expect, and the first few lines didn't seem promising. However eventually I was enthralled. At some points I was so frustrated with the main character and so heart wrenched I wanted to make a decision to whip the main character in the right direction, but none where given. At other points I was worried it would give me one that would be difficult and cause something bad to happen. As it turned out there where no choices here and I was surprisingly fine with that.

The reason? It was simply that this was such a beautiful story that was like a wonderful book with the edition of beautiful artwork. Furthermore the music for intense stock trades added something a book by itself simply couldn't, and managed to make the trades exciting. If you love stories that can play with you emotions and leave you deeply considering what it is you value most, give this a go you won't regret it. I am still shaken from that ending, however If you are one to complain because it wasn't much of a game pass it up.

Personally I would give this a 5/5 and believe it is highly worth the money on steam.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Christian anime reviews and my rating system

Because I am someone who deeply believes media of all forms can play an important role in society, I have made it a point to vary my media consumption. This has most recently led me to a love for Japanese animation, or anime. While this is normally only looked at as being a bit weird, some people have questioned me on how a christian can enjoy anime. That particular question is not one that is easy to answer.

Normally I give a very generalized and somewhat canned response. This response somewhat address the two main concerns I normally see expressed. The primary one being the perception that anime itself is often immoral or perverse. To this I am quick to point out that most the western media we already consume isn’t exactly a bastion of Christian Values.  I would also add that not every show is exactly the same, as it turns out writers like to be creative. Rather than attempting to answer this question as a whole, I have decided to start a series of anime reviews. Alongside the actual reviews, I will includes bits on my own faith based perspectives.

While finding the perfect format and layout for the videos themselves will likely take a bit of trial and error, I do have a scoring system that is not likely to change much. I will be rating things on a 5 point scale that uses only whole numbers. This is my prefered method of review as I do not tend to feel the need to rate shows in any specific order. I much rather group shows based off the factors of enjoyment level and impact. This works well, considering that I can like many shows equally for entirely different reasons. When I do wind up with a preference, it is often temporary and changes based on my mood anyway. This makes any attempts at ranking them tedious and pointless.

Now for the scores themselves and what they actually mean.

Five points are given only to shows that I find particularly enjoyable in either concept or quality of execution. In addition they must also impacted me in a strong and meaningful way. This category is reserved for things that manage to dramatically alter my emotional state.These are the kind of shows I am left coming back to and thinking about for weeks if not years to come.   
Four points are for show that I enjoyed to a degree less than, or equal to, something I would otherwise give a five. However, they fail to leave an impact that last much longer than the show itself.

Three means I had mixed feeling about the show, while 2 and 1 means the show sucked. The only real difference here is that a one was too painful to watch more than 4 episodes, while a two I could at least finish.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Worth but Not Worthy of Life and Love, Why Suicide is Never the Best Option

Each and everyone of us is worth more than we often manage to be worthy of. This is because our lives them selves exist as the very breath of God, something with a higher inherit value than gold. In fact it is worth more than anything else on earth. The fact is none of us can manage to lead lives that are fully worthy of the very breath we where given.

The value stemming from what we are as sons of God is much higher than anything existing purely on earth. Our actions are nothing more than a series of inevitable transaction in which we invest that life into something else. Be it  In relationships and bringing joy to others, or purely into worldly things. If we gather worldly things it should be only so that we may reinvested it into a lasting cause. If not, it becomes a transactional loss once it perishes. Life put into perishable things and left there perishes with it.

This is why we must be careful to reinvest these assets as quickly as we can into an eternal purpose so that we may avoid the losing what God gave.When we fail to love or become trapped in selfish ways, we get less in return for our life than it is worth. While perhaps a bit of a waste it never justifies destroying the perishable body that contains the rest of ones life. Doing so does not benefit any purpose.

 Such an act simply guarantees that the remaining life perishes with the flesh it was left in. Doing nothing fails to make the world a better place, but this should not be mistaken as making it any worse. This world itself is temporary, set to perish with all who do not wish to look beyond it.  No one should mistakenly conclude that any of the money or life that they have was inherent wasted on them. As long as you have it, you can choose to give it.

Suicide is much like burning and destroying ones own stuff, it does not help anyone. Instead it only assures that none of it goes to anyone else. It would have been better to find something to love and to dedicate to a cause. In the very least it would have been better off in the hands of the poor. In the case of your life, I would recommend dedicating it to Christ. It is the only good investment that does not perish.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Current Projects and Studies In a List

This is a non comprehensive list of my current projects and studies in no particular order. This is, however, fairly comprehensive in regards to what I will be primarily focused on for the next 2-4 weeks. 

1. Working on a Faith based review Video of an anime: This is a test for a possible future series
2. Working on a Sermon and speech
3. Artwork for future CHEWS site
4. Further financial analysis and planning
5. Editing and rewriting portions of a new friends fan made RWBY adventure book.
6. Japanese Lessons
7. Linux Certification Coarse