Monday, September 28, 2015

Principle Over Flag, the Equality of Individuals

It is necessary for us to be the ones who are willing to stand up for ideas and principles Rather than groups. To say to any group that on issues in which it supports life and truth, "I am with you." but on that which the same group sides with the lies that only bring death, "I am your enemy. It is the cause and not the collective to which I pledge my allegiance." To loudly proclaim, "The truth is my God, my only God and to him and him alone does my heart belong!"

It is imperative for individuals to stand for truth and always recognize that in every grey is a mixture of black and white. At this point one can either choose good, evil or finally admit to ourselves that we stand for nothing. (To do that last is to reject ones own humanity.) This country does not need more politicians, this country needs men that are men. It cries for the individual to take responsibility for his own life and seek truth.

It is begging us to quite blindly hoping that someone else will fix it. Until you and I step up, the trend will continue in our respective lives as the blind leading the blind. Many of us have have lost our sense of self and thus made the concept of accountability a foreign concept. If you want to see greatness, you must first understand it was always from individually held principles that greatness was seen. We ought to reject blind collectivism to once again believe that all men are truly equal and understand this as a confession that for each man to own himself is equality.