Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Minor life Update

My resting heart rate is now 69 bpm, which is down from it's previous 90! Still have plenty of work to do on the spiritual side of my heart as I wrestle my body into submission. Thankfully with Gods help that is a quite promising en-devour and I am currently working on a sermon message intended for my church, It is one that I hope to have the opportunity to share! After I finish that I plan to get back to my Linux courses and my study on homosexuality in both the medical and the biblical sense. For that I hope to release a paper on for public review and would be interested if anyone wants to share links to full academic papers on the subject. All and all life is getting quite eventful. As I focus more on God, my own shortcomings are being made more apparent, which I consider to be a blessing :) Annnnnd that is about it, don't really have much to right about today so God bless.

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