Saturday, April 11, 2015

What We Were Right About and Kids and Should Remember Now

As children most if not all of us wanted to learn how to do things our-self. Whether or it was tying our own shoes, putting on our own make up or choosing our own cloths. We wanted to do many things our self before we knew how, and were excited to grow. We didn't say mom and dad do it better anyway, we wanted to learn how to be more independent and less reliant on others than we already where. Even after failing many times, we saw other could do it and just knew we could too.

In our teen years that expanded even further to managing sleep and choosing friends, something that as teens we where pretty bad at. The sad thing is somewhere a long the line many of us gave up on personal growth and looked for a government that could tell us what to think and how to live. A government to provide our retirement savings for us, to run our economy,  to define and protect marriage, and to sort through information on our behalf in order to tell us what we should and should not ingest.

Now we live in a world where we have trusted political parties to define what are principles look like in action, and refuse to think for ourselves. A society that fears learning how to use a gun responsibly and instead expects others to protect there homes. We even expect the government and schools to teach our kids there moral standards. We sadly live in a culture that says leave it to the experts on almost every aspect of our personal lives. Heck many even leave voting to others, who themselves, leave the research to billion dollar news networks. These networks are left with few people willing or able to hold them accountable to the truth.

We are left with a huge problem. The problem is, experts are increasingly hard to find in a society that refuses to strive for competence. No amount of central power can make up for a lack of personal responsibility for long, because without it leaders are never born. We need to quite being afraid to mess up and come back to the child like desire to be more self reliant.

A genuine yearning to be someone who not only takes, but can give back. This is something we can only grow into once we have succeed in being responsible for our own lives and actions. To strive for such a society is to commit to a responsibility to protect peoples rights to make decisions we don't agree with, which can only be done if no one is forced to support them either. As it stands, we live in a system that forcibly takes away our rights of personal responsibility and it is only getting worse.

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