Friday, October 14, 2016

ChAnime Reworking, website and ?

So I did not feel like my format for Ch-anime was completely working for me. I simply did not find it entertaining. After a temporary hiatus, I have decided on a slightly new direction that I feel more properly fits with my personality. I am hoping this will result in a better experience for everyone. Heck if I do it right, it may become something people with no real interest in anime can enjoy as well. It will take more work to produce, however I feel it is well worth the effort.

Other than that the development version of my website is running well and looking promising as a base. I am still deciding whether to hold off on the website launch for the release of a new show, or to just do it now to test server deployment. Boring? I know, however I am an internet citizen, and as such, I naturally realize that everyone need to know these things. I am not one to take my duties to the world as a whole lightly. As such here is a post and cuteness ;)

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