Thursday, August 14, 2014

My vision for CHEWS

Christian Home Entertainment Works Studio (CHEWS) is very much an experiment. My aim is to create a christian media company that subverts the societal images that have become associated with Christianity, the church and christian media without sacrificing core christian values. I want it to help prove that such a thing can not only exist, but benefit society as a whole.

I could never hope for any one project to be a complete and perfect expression of an infinite and perfect God, let alone compete with his own writings. Luckily that is not the goal. However, we can and should recognize that much of what we have is broken, and not be afraid to challenge established views, or even our own preconceptions!

The current project in the works at the time of writing, 4 arc, aims to do just that, and hopefully help establish the companies image and culture. 4 arch will be a Christian, Libertarian, comedy news program. It is being designed to make people uncomfortable enough to reconsider what they believe, or at least better understand why they support what they do. Obviously I will not be afraid to choose and defend a side as part of the discussion.

I recognize and embrace the fact that there is a difference between holding and defending a stance strongly, and pridefully deciding everyone who disagrees is an idiot! Though occasionally it can be hard to tell ;). A certain set of core principles will dictate the companies cultures and action. These core values are to be kept to a minimum. This is to allow a diverse group of people to be part of the studio and core vision, without being forced to agree on a million minor issues.

It is not my own or the studios place to dictate or judge people beliefs or to what authorities they submit themselves to. The commitment of the studio is simply to serve in the lives of people and to encourage as many as we can to open up to and trust in God and his plan for their lives. To see what God does, not try and dictate it, and to lead by example not force. To emphasize personal responsibility to ourselves and God, rather than exercising our own authority over the lives of others!

It is to be the firm stance of the company, that God is just as able to work in the hearts of others as he can and has in our own. To recognize that we are neither fundamentally easier to work with, nor are we completed works.Our job is simply to live as we are called to!

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