Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Worth but Not Worthy of Life and Love, Why Suicide is Never the Best Option

Each and everyone of us is worth more than we often manage to be worthy of. This is because our lives them selves exist as the very breath of God, something with a higher inherit value than gold. In fact it is worth more than anything else on earth. The fact is none of us can manage to lead lives that are fully worthy of the very breath we where given.

The value stemming from what we are as sons of God is much higher than anything existing purely on earth. Our actions are nothing more than a series of inevitable transaction in which we invest that life into something else. Be it  In relationships and bringing joy to others, or purely into worldly things. If we gather worldly things it should be only so that we may reinvested it into a lasting cause. If not, it becomes a transactional loss once it perishes. Life put into perishable things and left there perishes with it.

This is why we must be careful to reinvest these assets as quickly as we can into an eternal purpose so that we may avoid the losing what God gave.When we fail to love or become trapped in selfish ways, we get less in return for our life than it is worth. While perhaps a bit of a waste it never justifies destroying the perishable body that contains the rest of ones life. Doing so does not benefit any purpose.

 Such an act simply guarantees that the remaining life perishes with the flesh it was left in. Doing nothing fails to make the world a better place, but this should not be mistaken as making it any worse. This world itself is temporary, set to perish with all who do not wish to look beyond it.  No one should mistakenly conclude that any of the money or life that they have was inherent wasted on them. As long as you have it, you can choose to give it.

Suicide is much like burning and destroying ones own stuff, it does not help anyone. Instead it only assures that none of it goes to anyone else. It would have been better to find something to love and to dedicate to a cause. In the very least it would have been better off in the hands of the poor. In the case of your life, I would recommend dedicating it to Christ. It is the only good investment that does not perish.

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