Friday, March 20, 2015

Worlds End Economica Visual novel Review

I went into this novel really not sure what to expect, and the first few lines didn't seem promising. However eventually I was enthralled. At some points I was so frustrated with the main character and so heart wrenched I wanted to make a decision to whip the main character in the right direction, but none where given. At other points I was worried it would give me one that would be difficult and cause something bad to happen. As it turned out there where no choices here and I was surprisingly fine with that.

The reason? It was simply that this was such a beautiful story that was like a wonderful book with the edition of beautiful artwork. Furthermore the music for intense stock trades added something a book by itself simply couldn't, and managed to make the trades exciting. If you love stories that can play with you emotions and leave you deeply considering what it is you value most, give this a go you won't regret it. I am still shaken from that ending, however If you are one to complain because it wasn't much of a game pass it up.

Personally I would give this a 5/5 and believe it is highly worth the money on steam.

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