Sunday, December 6, 2015

Accountability Check Update

Lets start with my failures and partial successes from my previous accountability check.

1. The first is that I have not found a single person with whom to share accountability and goals, likely do to me not putting enough effort in this direction.

2. I completely neglect to complete video content which was only partially a result of my unexpected move.

3. I have laid out how I am going to track my finances but have not put it into use yet

4. I have made progress on overall health and energy even though exercise is a little inconsistent.

5. I have a few job leads in my current location, however was also informed of a possible opportunity in Texas, the place in which I planned to move to in the next year or two anyway.

6. I have reduced my overall time spent watching anime and playing games, however time allocation is still needed tweaked for consistency

As for definitive steps forward I have a few clear successes in this area as well, even if some of these where not on my original list.

1. I have found a time management and tracking strategy, that while still being tweaked, works as expected

2. I will be completing my primary workstation by the end of this week (Just waiting for final parts.)

3. I have remained mostly on schedule towards finishing my first non fiction book laying out my philosophies, goals and overall company goals. (This is the most consistent I have been on a long term project to date)

4. I have vastly improved my linux system administration skills.

And finally for my goals for the next 3  month 

1. Implement accounting plan for personal finances by end of December

2. Finish first draft of book by middle of January (at latest)

3.  Reduce idle time to 2 or 3 days ever other week

4.Complete at least one video for YouTube channel

5. Sort out detail of next move

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