Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Our Freedom, Rights and the Role of Government

A right is the freedom in any moment in which all individual might have equal rights to choose in a manner that no one is denied the same right to choose and therefore cannot be anything that allows them to force another individual to do something in which he does not voluntarily wish to do. This works out to the freedom to control ones own life and the results of his labor and voluntary trade, as well as the right to defend it. The only rights a government has must be derived from the people and cannot do on the individuals behalf that which the individual is not allowed to do himself. All rights must always act on a universally applicable law and cannot have a double standard lest it violate natural order.
Freedom does not come from government, rather governments right to act is borrowed from the individual and can be revoked at anytime it is found to be violating the agreement. In the case of america its job was to defend against violent people who would initiate force against others. A voluntary tax in which people pay a percentage of a transaction as a form of trade insurance and access to the courts would be enough to support the proper function of government. Any transaction done using the governments form of currency would qualify as a contract in which all parties involved agree to allow the courts to arbitrate conflict and to accept the results. At the same time every one must be free to perform trade outside currency should the currency be found unreliable or trust in the courts diminished.

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