Sunday, May 22, 2016

Personal Update: ChAnime and My Race for Progress

I released the first episode of a new faith based anime review show titled ChAnime. This was a fun learning experiences, one in which I faced a lot of frustrations. The process of trying to put it together into something I felt was presentable got infuriating at times. I even went over things so many times I started to think I hated everything about it.

After making an outline that I finally felt worked, I made some references slides, spoke to them, revised them repeatedly, and finally found what works for me. The outline was helpful, yet barely resembled the final output.  I missed a number of deadlines, worked a week straight, and now I am addicted. This was incredibly fun and hope to put this much effort into everything I do.

I am not yet happy with my ability to deliver the level of quality I wish to reach, be it in my speech delivery to an imaginary audience, or the final video output. Regardless I am happy both for the new work ethic, and the progress this video represents.  Chanime S01-E01

Beyond all this I am in Texas learning new skills and perusing new opportunities. Most important I am in a friendly race with my cousin toward progress. The first check point will be to beat him to a million dollars a year, not for materialistic reasons, but rather as way to support myself to implement the changes that I wish to see in the world. (Note that his goal is $100,000 to start and I hope to be first to that as well.)

I am not saying the money is not nice, or that I won't enjoy it. Just that it is not the goal in and of itself. When it comes to a choice between morals and short term profits, my morals will always win. I am still working on my book, it is coming along fantastically by the way, and I have actually thrown out the vast majority of the first draft in order to rewrite it. This is not to say the first copy was not valuable, because it was. From it I learned what was working and what was not. I love life and am finally moving forward, so if you want to support this consider watching and sharing my anime review ChAnime S01-E01

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