Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A Serious Look at What it Means to be an Adult

Many of us, myself included, have hurts. Many of us where not given an amazing deck, or situation. The world may have been cruel to us in many ways. I may seem to be set about crushing us, and as children we where powerless, a slave to the situation. As such we changed the only thing we could, our thoughts. We Set up illusions, defenses, or made excuses for ourselves and others,  We devalue our feelings, programmed ourselves to believe our emotions to be independent of the reality in which we existed. Even at times, Guilting ourselves for having them despite our supposed good fortunes, 

So the question is, when do we quite being children? When do we say to ourselves, "The life I was given may not be great, but it is my life and I will shape it into something that is."? When do we quite being powerless slaves, whose lives are dictated by an impossible situation? Adulthood starts when we decide to clear out the garbage and build something new. When life becomes an incomplete project that we take pride in building. People are always telling you and me that xyz is wrong with the world and that x or y is the reason.

 I won't do this. I won't tell you what is wrong with the world. I won't because I have no place trying to make what I want your problem. I will share what I want in life with those who value it and cut out those who do not. The world is a place, your life is a time, and what becomes of it is your responsibility. More than that it is your blessing should you choose to cherish it. 

As creatures made in the image of God, a creator, we have inherited the power that few being have ever had, the power to create. An Adult is someone who owns his or her own life, one who sees the garbage field they where handed as project not a final conclusion. Someone who does everything he can to identify the pain, problems and challenges in order to form a plan of action. I have seen few adults in my life, however I have chosen to be one of them and so far I have never felt, better, more free, or more alive than I do now. Apprehension is met with joy, and pride, this is the life God gave me and the tools he gave me to build with. I can't wait to share what I make of it. 

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