Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Believe in Me

It was often an overwhelming cry of my heart, an unending desire and perhaps more than that.
It was a belief that I could do anything, but... however... WHATEVER!
Un-ending tormented screams,
"Believe in me, please someone anyone."
"Someone don't let go,
someone, anyone!"

I just need someone to stand by my side.
Someone that will be there when I fail,
someone with the right to celebrate when I succeed
I was crippled by waiting
held back, not by others, but rather by my belief that I could do nothing while I waited.
By a belief that made me a product of circumstance.

I lived in this state till the fire in me said, "Enough! I can, and I will."
It is not easy, nor impossible
It takes time, but never too much!
I will not sit by waiting for someone.
Rather, I will be

no, I am, the one for whom someone is waiting.
I am a warrior, a creator, an innovator!
I am proud, I am me, I am man.

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