Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Updated Set New Shows and Dead(ish) Partition

I updated my set, was not able to get depth of field effect on my cam with the limited space, however I did just barely manage to rearrange the space I have. After 8 hours of cleaning and rearranging stuff that wasn't even mine, I was able to get my green screen out. This should, if I can light the screen evenly enough, allow me to put in custom backgrounds and blur them at will. You will be seeing this used for now on in episodes of ChAnime and various other content I am working on. Heck I may even use it in future rants I want to go on, for those who care about my political and philosophical thoughts on things.

Really things are coming along great. I have made serious progress towards my goals, and am securing deals that will allow me to pad out the content with at least 2 additional shows. That said, I have had a minor set back, my partition used for work is temporarily not booting, though I really should have it back in no time and none of the data was damaged. Not much else going on in my life, other than i managed to take some well earned rest to play a few games :D.

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