Thursday, June 23, 2016

It Is All Rigged!!! and Anime Review 2 May Be on Time?

Strange, possibly catchy (maybe not) headline, check! I updated my editing rig it now has 32gb of ram for better editing support, Though boy was that a process. Some oddities with my memory controller made it more work than expected to get the second 16gb functioning but at last I did.

On top of that, the  second episode of ChAnime (our faith based anime review show) has been in editing and is looking to be a noticeable step up in quality from the first. I am doing my best to put particular care with the editing in order to pull it together for a Friday night/ Saturday morning release.

For the first time it looks like I will actually make my own time table, a miracle unto itself. Heck it might even be enough for the atheist in my life to reconsider the existence of God! Well maybe not but still, believe me, it is quite the improvement.

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