Saturday, February 7, 2015


I am currently looking into my life and how I spend my time. This was inspired a combination of prayer, and self improvement reading and a recent sermon I am working on. This was followed by news of the death of an amazing talent Monty Oum. I really only new him from a hand full of his work and concern for him both leading up to and after his death caused me to look into his life. What I found in this research is quite a bit more inspiration and motivation.

Because of these factors, I am even more passionately into the process of looking at ways to improve my efficiency. I am doing this by both stacking task together than can effectively be done at the same time, and organizing the flow of my day so that each task makes the next easier. (Or at very least the task that follows is a form of rest from the previous one.)

 Some of the ways I am stacking tasks are: I am now brushing my teeth in the morning while I shower and reading while I exercise. I am considering more ways to stack task for stuff I do on my computer and am awaiting a new cable so I can go back to a dual monitor work-space. Workflow improvements so far this week are: I am eating, then exercising followed by my showers and working on my mentally related task such as writing and studying. I am already thinking of how to organize my studies so that switching from one subject to another occurs in a way that each change requires a different kind of thought.  Finally I am looking at how I can begin consuming my media and entertainment in a manner that I can both enjoy it, and learn from to improve upon my own work.

Last but not least I am considering how to more effectively track my time usage since I plan to get back to journaling it. If anyone has suggestions or stories of there own for increasing efficiency in daily task feel free to hit me up. I am genuinely excited to see where I get to this year and what God decides to do with it. I am even enjoying my work more than ever!

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