Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Progress update: Logging Activities On the Temporal Scale And Controlling My Time

Hey oh! It has been a while since I attempted regular progress updates, largely because of how boring they began to get. In order to remedy this I have decided to experiment with embellishing the tittles and at least some of the post to follow.

After a multi-year long stare down in my duel with a brick wall, I have began my assault towards progress in life. I started with multiple small recon mission to determine the enemies abilities. I have been assessing those abilities. By making a few small lifestyle adjustments at a time, and fine tuning what works and what doesn't. By Forming habits and studying self discipline. I have been Finding my center of balance between my need for rest, spiritual discipline and physical well being.

All the while I have been learning to control the aim of my wallet and conserve ammunition for the big fight to come.There have been plenty of set backs, yet progress has been made. It is at this point I have made the next necessary step forward. I realized if I was to maintain progress and avoid another stalemate, I would be have to document and track my activities.

Starting yesterday, Tuesday February 24th 2015 I began using and testing a system to monitor my time with as little overhead as possible. The initial results are promising! Further more, I have begun formulating more detailed plans to move forward in my career and launch Christian Home Entertainment Works Studio a.k.a. C.H.E.W.S. I very much look forward to sharing this journey, and it's results, with you in the future. TTFN, Tah, Tah, For, Now. because tiger is best pony.

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