Thursday, February 5, 2015

Launching (CHEWS) Progress and challenges

The project is mostly on schedule though there are a few immediate dangers to the plan I need to address. The first and foremost problem is likely the root of the others. It is simply that I have noticed myself gradually and consistently slipping on my disciplines. If not corrected my current projects will fall behind, my spiritual state will deprecate taking with it my state of mind and ability to function. Because of this from here forward I will be keeping a stricter eye on my daily thoughts and actions. The time in which I begin basic business operation isn't in immediate danger, however I sense that the capacity to which it launches will be severely crippled if I don't sort this out now. I can not and will not let this continue unchecked. I cannot and will not lose. I must not become trapped in a new cycle. I can and I will continue forward, I must prevail.

All the while, as my character is being refined and my flaws become more apparent, my family and some of my friends are going through a variety of serious issues. They range from physical to physiological and there are many spiritual struggles intertwined. I feel the spiritual callings building as the stage is set for not only my own battles but those of my loved ones as well. Because of this, I ask that anyone reading this set aside a small portion of time out of your day to pray for my family, my business, my friends and myself. While I wish I could be more specific I must respect the privacy of those involved. As for myself, things are not quite progressed to as bad of state. I would greatly appreciated any prayers over my spiritual and financial discipline so that I might grow closer to God and continue in his peace and presence. Should the launch go smooth there should be a build up to official content being published. God bless and if anyone has prayer request of there own feel free to contact me at or in the comments.

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