Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Random Childhood Journal Entry 1

The following was written March 3, 2006 at the age of 14 And I am now posting it here with minimum editing. E.g. Spelling and punctuation. I kept most the wording and sentence structure the same.

Today was one of my better days at school. In first and second period we did nothing other than sit around and work on late work. We were also allowed to walk around and talk because most the kids where not there yet do to an overturned fuel truck blocking the buses from getting through. In french class we had a substitute which meant we got to do review work and the other students where in a nicer mood and where not as uptight and where more sociable than they normally are. The rest of the day at school was like any other good school day.

When I got home I ended up walking in when Chelle was in a bad mood and angry with my sister for something. While Chelle is a great parent she gets stressed a lot, so she was not much of a welcome back from school. Instead I got a raised and agitated  voice letting me in. I had gotten myself grounded yesterday or the day before that, I tend to lose track of time, so I went to my to my room and did the late work I actually had on me.

I also emailed my dad, who is on TOS in Texas so he can do his schooling (college), about what was meant buy something I had said a previous day when he had asked me what I meant. I did not give him a straight forward answer, but I hope hope my answer is satisfying for him and that he does not look to much into something that no longer means anything to me, for it has lost it's meaning. The phrase I was being asked about was, "I would rather not say." as a response to their question on why I did not do my work.

I think I may have overheard one of my my sister's saying to the other that I am the worst older brother ever. I hope I just miss interpreted or miss heard some of her words. Today has been an OK day overall.

Trever Grissam

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